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My heart rate was racing, my blood was pumping, I'm alive! My body was crying out STOP. No, I wasn't having fun in my hooping class. I was in an fitness class. A spinning class to be precise. You see I like to try something new as much as the next person but really, does it have to be so taxing? One of the "selling points" of this particular class is that, unlike aerobics, you don't have to worry about your co-ordination skills or lack of them. You can just sit in the uncomfortable saddle and give your full concentration to all the pain created by simply pumping the pedals. After that you can look forward to the pain from the saddle which I found can actually last a few days. Not my idea of fun at all. In the name of fitness research and trying new things I tried my best; but here comes the but ... I hated every minute!

Everybody knows that time flies when you're having fun right? Well did you know that research has proven that if you are going to stick at anything, you have to enjoy it. So, that's where I come in with these plastic rings that give anyone from the ages of 4 to 104 a great time with no real sense of doing any exercise at all. Laughter is a big part of learning hoop skills worthy of any circus, I dare you not laugh. Low impact is the way for me, just like anyone with arthritis or who is post operation and required not to leap about like their pants were on fire. Imagine getting to a class where you actually get to chat and laugh with your new found friends and burn off those unwanted calories without even realising it? Am I kidding? No, it's true. So now you know! Fitness really can be fun and hooping is the ultimate exercise in disguise. Discover how to play a total trick on the mind whilst learning how to hoop on the body. There's no clock watching here. Come and see us in class.

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