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What is it all about?

Hooping is for EVERYONE!


There are many benefits to be gained by attending our hoop classes.  You will learn how to keep the hoop spinning around your waist and later around other parts of your body such as the chest, hips and legs!  You will also learn how to transition the hoop off your body and back on again amongst other tricks!


The BENEFITS are numerous, check out the reasons below to see how hooping can impact your life in a positive way!


HOOPING IS………………..


  • FUN – Trying out new hooping skills often involves lots of laughter! You will certainly leave our class feeling happy and uplifted!

  • TONING – Regular hooping is brilliant for toning the abdominal wall and strengthening your core.  What’s more, you will tone other parts of your body too, not just your middle section.  Hooping is perfect for new mums!

  • LOW IMPACT – Hooping is great for those who (hate the gym!) prefer to avoid the running/jumping forms of exercise or are looking to increase personal fitness post-surgery (always get your Doctor’s written approval before starting out on any new form of exercise).

  • STRENGTHENING– Build your own body strength as you manipulate the hoop in ways you may never have thought of before.  As your core strengthens, balance naturally follows.  Hoop momentum improves your co-ordination and body alignment too.  What’s not to like?

  • ADDICTIVE - Yes, hooping can be a real tonic which keeps us coming back for more.  Hooping is addictive for more than all the benefits listed above.  The confidence gained from learning each new skill in hooping is immeasurable.  Maybe one day you will be joining us to perform live for charity events, or even just for fun at a summer festival!  Either way, we would be delighted for you to join us at Totally Hooplass and have a go for yourself.  It just might be the tonic you have been looking for!

Our classes are fun and friendly and energetic.  You will learn to hoop at your own pace (AKA your hoop journey) and get to meet new people.  Click here for a class that suits you.



What to wear?


Although the hoop just loves your bare skin, we want you to feel comfortable in class so vest tops and t-shirts are great, comfortable trousers and trainers/ flat shoes will complete your outfit perfectly.  Loose and baggy clothes can get in the way of the hoop so tight fitting is best.  Avoid anything too shiny and slippery as the hoop can’t grip on! Don’t forget your water bottle.



There's a hoop that is right for you


Have you ever tried to hoop since your childhood days, or even had a go in a child’s hoop? If you are in the wrong size hoop it can be almost impossible to do it!  In our classes we will provide you with the correct hoop size and weight to get you going confidently. 

When you feel the urge, you may want to spoil yourself with your very own custom made hoop to play with at home!  We will advise you on the best size but colours are up to you.  The price for a hoop is approx. £25.


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