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Old enough to know better!


Self Employed

Where did you hear about Totally Hooplass?

A local advert.

What made you come along to your first class?

I had hooped before and was really pleased to find a hooping class so locally.

Has hooping affected your life in any way?

It's given me my Mojo back!

What has been your greatest hoop achievement?

Chest hooping and hooping in the carnival.

What makes you come back?

After years of on and off hooping I could do some of the moves but couldn't connect them together. Samantha has succeeded where others have failed in helping me connect moves into a routine. Great hooping camaraderie between the class, no matter what the level, we all celebrate each other's successes.

What would you like to learn next?

Shoulder hooping

Why should someone give hooping a go?

Hooping doesn't feel like exercising,  all the fun, all the gain, with none of the pain.

What do you love about hooping?

Feels great and doesn't feel like exercise.

What do you hate about hooping?

Reverse hooping - why can I do things one way but not the other?

2010 - present

Do you have any other hobbies?


2010 - present

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