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Where did you hear about Totally Hooplass?

A friend suggested it for a giggle 3 years ago now.

What made you come along to your first class?

I had to give up on my other passions of horse riding and ice-skating after an injury a few years previously. I hate ball games, the gym and dancing but needed a bit of exercise so thought what the heck, this would certainly be different!

What do you hate about hooping?

There's nothing to hate! Ok when I'm stuck on something I REALLY want to be able to do it's frustrating but it's worth it if I master it and if I don't, well it's no big deal and it's fun trying!

Do you have any other hobbies?

I'm a compulsive crafter according to my friends. They are right actually...

What makes you come back?

So many things that I never expected before I came! The new tricks I continue to learn and the fact that its relaxed but fun and counts as exercise but most of all its the company. My hooping class (and our natter in the cafe afterwards) is the best part of my week.

Has hooping affected your life in any way?

It's given me back the feeling of being good at something I love and made up for the huge gap in my life that giving up horses meant. That may sound like a bit of a dramatic statement but for me it's the plain truth.

What has been your greatest hoop achievement?

Finally managing to chest hoop after 2 years of failing!

What do you love about hooping?

I love being able to do something to music which I could never ever have done with any other class and I'm so proud of what I've learnt. I love the fact that you can just do the class, but if you want to socialise/learn more there are workshops all over the country, events and my favourite part of the year which is taking part in the carnival.

What would you like to learn next?

Fountain Hooping

Why should someone give hooping a go?

It's exercise without feeling like it, a lovely fun social activity and so much fun. It is still the giggle my friend and I thought it would be when I first came. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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